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This Week is where I recap all that happened on the blog, my life, and the blogosphere.

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I didn’t post much this week because it’s been crazy busy for me! That’s also the reason why I haven’t been returning or replying to comments much — sorry about that. A bunch of some very close friends of mine left to return back to Australia, so we spent much of the week hanging out together before they left. Thank God for the internet. I’m going to sound like such a loner, but the internet is probably the best invention in all of history.

On a different note, my IGCSE results will also be releasing in about a month’s time! I’m so excited and nervous at the same time, because I’m pretty sure I did only averagely, which is totally unacceptable. This is one exam I really put a lot of time and effort into, so I want to do well so badly. And some days I feel like curling up into a ball and pretending the world outside doesn’t exist, so I don’t have to deal with disappointment.

Sigh, how do you guys do it? How do you deal with life and manage to blog and hang around the blogosphere so well? I NEED YOUR SECRETS.

Notable Expeditions

So how exactly do you cope with both life and blogging? Do you have any tips?

  1. I think it’s quite difficult, I’ve actually started planning ahead content for my blog now, so if I only have like 20 minutes to write a post I know what I’m going to do. My schedule is pretty busy because I freelance almost 7 days a week so days off are like gold to me and I try and cram in so much a possible.

    Good luck with your results, hard to believe I got mine almost 8 years ago!

  2. People always ask me how I balance school, blogging and work but really, the only answer I have is that I don’t. One or even two out of the three always have to suffer. Right not, it’s definitely work that’s taking the beating. That and my blog. But school has to come first for me right now. Good luck with balancing everything in the future! I need these secrets too!

  3. Seriously, YES, thank God for the internet. I know what you’re going through…my very best friend is currently stationed in South Korea, because she’s in the Army ;_; And I probably won’t see her until Christmas…but she can still keep in touch through Facebook.

    And I’m not gonna lie, I had to look up IGCSE because I had no clue what it meant ha ha! But BEST OF LUCK! C:

  4. I don’t think there is ever going to be a magic solution to the balancing act because needs are changing all the time! I think you just have to prioritise. School should definitely come first, and we all understand that blogging might sometimes have to take a back seat. No one is going to be mad at you for prioritising something which affects your whole life! :)

  5. Valerie says:

    “but the internet is probably the best invention in all of history.” This is very very true. Without it, I would be nothing.

    YAY test results…..??? I wish you the best of luck. I should probably get started on studying for the exams to get into grad school, but then again it’s still…too early? Though this will bite me back in the butt later.

    Hmmm. and dealing with life and the blogosphere. I mean honestly, right now it’s summer vacation for me, so dedicating an hour or so to the blogosphere isn’t bad. Plus, it’s usually only Tuesdays and weekends I need the full hour (because of STS and TTTs). Other than that, any other day is pretty manageable. I write reviews whenever and other stuff whenever. I don’t have anything else to do. Obviously it will be worse during the school year. I think by then I’ll just focus on my favorite blogs (cough cough NOT YOU cough cough jk) and stalki——commenting on them :D

  6. Finley Jayne says:

    Ha, I’m asking myself this exact same question right now :p We’ve decided to home-school one our kids this fall (I’ll be blogging about this tomorrow), and this will totally change my daily schedule.I still want to blog, but I won’t be able to keep up with it, like I have been. I’ve decided to get away from a schedule and just post when I can. Hopefully my blog will still be relevant in the book blogging community, even if I cut back on posting, but real life stuff has to come first so it is what it is!

  7. Well you saw my tweet from this week where I only read one post! I’ve had to put blogging on the back-burner for the last few weeks because work is beastly right now. My way of coping is just letting it go . I’ll be less harried in a few more weeks after a large project is over, and then watch out blogosphere, I’ll be popping all over the place!

    Also, your internet thoughts reminded me of this quote from Fangirl:
    “How do you not like the Internet? That’s like saying, ‘I don’t like things that are convenient. And easy. I don’t like having access to all of mankind’s recorded discoveries at my fingertips. I don’t like light. And knowledge.”

  8. I wish I had any tips to share! I’m quite unpredictable when it comes to blogging. I don’t even have a schedule. I just post whatever I feel like posting and hope it would all fall into place. But perhaps the fact that I have two co-bloggers lessened the load… a lot. Like seriously, I feel lighter that there are two other people I could share the burden with, and finally have time to do my own thing in real life without having to fret about the blog!

  9. Celine says:

    I hope you did well on the test. It’s always so nerve-wrecking waiting for the results of something so important.

    Truly balancing life and blogging is almost impossible, in my opinion. I’ve been blogging for over four years, so I should have plenty of experience with this, and still it doesn’t work out well plenty of times. Having the major bulk of your posts scheduled can help somewhat, but that doesn’t really help with commenting back or the day to day blog upkeep.

    Thank you for sharing my Quidditch post!

  10. The internet really is amazing, I don’t know where I would be without it haha.

    Oh Meg <3 I'm definitely sure you will do well, you put in so much effort and you took a hiatus from blogging and I'm sure that's all going to translate into you getting the great results you deserve *hugs*

    Lol you can pretty much see I'm horrid at the juggling blogging and real life :P There are no secrets because I basically am failing at it haha. I have no idea how I managed to cope last year!

  11. I hope you had a great time with your friends before they returned! And I bet you did just fine Meg <3 I have all the faith in you that you succeeded with your tests. And I have vacation at the moment, but I kind of 'schedule' blogging and commenting into my daily life when I go to school.

    Now I'm going to visit all the links I haven't seen :)

  12. Lyn Kaye says:

    “Sigh, how do you guys do it? How do you deal with life and manage to blog and hang around the blogosphere so well? I NEED YOUR SECRETS.”

    Moderation, and co-blogging. Also, plenty of breaks away from the computer. I am glad to hear that you took a break and enjoyed real life.

  13. I wish I had some really nifty tips to give you so that you can juggle life and blogging at the same time … but I don’t. The thing is: you blog when you can. It’s the only thing you can do. Or, when you get time, write 189274589436 posts and schedule them, which is pretty much how I survive, if I’m being entirely honest.

    And remember that there’s no set number of posts that you have to publish every week! I know some bloggers get it into their head that they have to publish x amount of posts every week, but that’s not true. Just post when you can and when you want, because we all know that life can (unfortunately) get in the way of blogging.

    I wish you all the luck with school!

  14. I don’t have much insight to the blogging portion. I remember waiting to get my LSAT scores though! So hard knowing that your performance on one single exam can make or break getting into a law school! I was 6mos pregnant when I sat the exam, so I wasn’t expecting amazing results. I was pleasantly surprised though. Hopefully you will be as well! As for balance, I have done a LOT of that. Take deep breathes, drink lots of coffee and decide what it TRULY a MUST DO and what can wait, or what will wait. My children will only be kids so long, they can’t wait. Their lives will only be improved with my education, school cannot wait. I am however pretty sure that Daddy long legs that looks down from his little web in a smug kinda way near my front door… he’ll wait.

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